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Stranded in Paradise

14. Oktober 2016








Some beautiful islands in Paradise

During my Around-the-World-Trip after my Bachelor Graduation, me and my friend flew from LA to Tahiti, better known as paradise. Early in the morning very friendly Tahitians greeted us with flower necklaces, which smelled incredibly good! For the next two weeks we got to explore some of the islands, who belong to Tahiti: Moorea, Raiatea, Huahine and Bora Bora… It’s obvious, that these islands were truly paradise. Lot’s of palm trees, white sand and the most turquoise water I’ve ever seen šŸ™‚ Even though we can’t speak french, and most of the Tahitians can’t speak english, we met some amazing locals who showed us around. Life is pretty simple over there, but the people are the most friendliest. When we arrived they just invented longer telephone numbers and street names, everyone was still pretty confused about it.

If you ever have the chance, book a flight and enjoy this magical place – you will dream of it for the rest of your life! šŸ™‚

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